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Authorised distributor for electronic components in Asia offering fast delivery and the most competitive prices in the market.

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Gain Trust With Genuine Electronic Components

Fake parts are becoming a norm these days. Their prices maybe lower, however due to their inferior quality, they are prone to not function accordingly. That is why we only sell genuine components from our authorised partners.

Ensure You Never Run Out Of Stock 

To remain ahead of your competitors, it is crucial to ensure you always have enough stock on hand. We guarantee extensive product support and prompt arrival of your components as and when you need them.

Save Time & Money With A Straight forward Purchasing Process

We know how difficult it can be to find a component. At Weenet Electronics, you just need to inform us of the part number or BOM for a quick quote. Our sales personnel will handle your request and ensure timely delivery to your place.

We Have You And Your Company In Mind

We have extensive experience to equip you with the right materials and solutions for your specific industry.

About Us

We are a well-established authorized distributor of market leading electronic components in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China.

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Products and Services

We offer an extensive list of high quality, genuine and competitively priced products as well as BOM sourcing solutions.

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Authorised Partners

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Pte Ltd, TDK Corporation, Harting Technology Group, JFW Industries and many others.

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Passive Components
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RF Microwave
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Power Supply
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