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Experience our broad range of electronic components.

Passive Components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Pte Ltd (Korea)

Multi-Layer Ceramic Chip Capacitor, Premium Capacitors for Automotive,Tantalum Capacitor, Thick Film Chip Resistor, Chip Bead, Chip Inductor.

TDK Products (Japan)

Clamp Filters / Zcat Series for cable, Ferrite Core for cable, Ferrite Beads, Inductor SLF / RLF / GLF / MLF / MLG / MLK/ NL/ NLC / NLFC / NLV / NLCV / NLFV / NLHV Series, Hicap

Venkel Ltd (USA)

Chip Capacitor, Chip Resistor, Chip Thermistors, Chip Inductors, Choke Coil, Ferrite Beads, Resistor Networks

Euroquartz Limited (UK)

Designer and manufacturer of quartz crystal, oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs, and filters (standard and custom)

Capax Technologies Inc. (USA)

RF/ Microwave Surface Mount Capacitors, Multilayer Capacitor, Radial Conformal Coated Capacitors


Harting Technology Group (Germany)

Connectors for industrial and telecom electronics up to active and passive network components.Applications in Machine, Transportation, Factory Automation, Telecom, Energy etc

VOGT AG Interconnection Tech. (Switzerland )

Rivets, Stamping Parts, Flat and Round Connector

RF Microwave

JFW Industries (USA)

Programmable Attenuators, Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, Manual Variable Attenuators, RF Coaxial Switches, RF Power Divider / Combiners,Test Accessories, Bias-T’s, DC Blocks, Detectors, Impedance Matching , Pads/Transformer, RF Fuse Holders, Feedthru Terminations, Matrix Switches

Atlantic MicrowaveLimited (UK)

Amplifiers (Modular, Drop-In, High Power, Milimeter), Frequency Converter Modules, Frequency Synthesisers Voltage Controlled Oscillators ( VCO), Attenuators,Power Dividers,Phase Locked Oscillators

RF Lambda (USA

Ferrites (Isolators, Circulators), Electro-Mechanical Switches, Switch Matrices, Fixed Attenuators, Power Combiners, Power Dividers, Test System. Waveguide product

Renaissance Electronics Corporation (USA)

Ferrites (Isolators, Circulators), Electro-Mechanical Switches, Switch Matrices, Fixed Attenuators, Power Combiners, Power Dividers, Products for Base Station Applications and Wireless Transceivers

DiTom Microwave, Inc (USA)

Ferrite Isolators & Circulators

Power Supplies

Wall Industries (USA) - A DOSA Member

AC / DC Power Supplies, DC / DC Power Converters, Military, Medical Products , Encapsulated PCB Mount,Point of Load, Power Over Ethernet, Surface Mount, Through Hole, Wall Mount type

PowerStax (USD)

Network power systems, AC-DC Converter, DC-DC Converter.

TDK Lambda (Japan)

Offering wide selection of reliable AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies.

Behlman Electronics, Inc (USA

ALL POWER PRODUCTS > Standard, Modified Standard, Custom and COTS AC Power Sources, Frequency Converters, Inverters, DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS) for commercial, industrial and military mission-critical applications

Thermal Pad

Fujipoly America Corporation (USA)

SARCON Thermal Interface Materials ZEBRA Elastomeric Connectors